Parker Conrad

- How a series of humiliating events led to one of the fastest-growing startups EVER (text, 2015)
- Zenefits Was the Perfect Startup. Then It Self-Disrupted (text, 2016)
-How to Raise Money with Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, and Parker Conrad (video, 2017)
- Parker Conrad and Y Combinator Founders on How to Build Multi-Million Dollar Companies (text, video, 2017)
-Parker Conrad's hard-won billion dollar startup lessons (text, video, video2, 2020)
- The Comeback Of A Fallen Tech Unicorn CEO (text, 2020)
- The One Thing Everyone Knows About Building a Startup is Wrong with Parker Conrad (Rippling) (video, 2021)
- Parker Conrad: 'I like working with people who have a chip on their shoulder' (text, 2021)

Zenefits (YC W2013) Application Video

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