Leore Avidar

The Art of a 3 Letter Domain Name (text, 2013)

Keeping Customers Happy (text, 2013)

How to Hire Your First Employees (text, 2013)

New Hire to First Commit in 10 minutes (text, 2014)

From the CEO: Why Diversity Matters at Lob (text, 2016)

The Lob Vision (text, 2017)

Running to Work (text, 2018)

Q&A with Harry Zhang and Leore Avidar, Cofounders of Lob (text, 2018)

2 Levers To Fundraising: FOMO & Leverage and How To Use Them, How To Implement "A Sustainable Growth Mindset" & How To Put VCs To Work For You (audio, 2018)

Episode 275: Founder of Alt Leore Avidar Joins Luka Nation (video, 2021)

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