Katelyn Gleason

- To get something great, you must risk something good (text, 2014)
- Almost dead (text,2015)
- Why one of the only women to go through Y Combinator twice moved her company to NYC (text, 2017)
- How I Risked Everything To Build A $20M Company In 3 Years (text, 2018)
- Eligible Sales Plan & Compensation Letter (text, 2018)
- My Journey from Struggling Actress to Successful Tech CEO (text, 2019)
- Interview with Katelyn Gleason — CEO and Founder of Eligible (text, 2019)
- Why I started a company to feel less lonely in the world (text, 2019)
- Brave not perfect (text, 2019)
- Female Founder Stories: Katelyn Gleason, Founder of Eligible (text)
- YCombinator S12 Demo Day (video, 2012)

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