Justin Kan

Kiko (S05)
- How My First Startup Got Picked For Y Combinator (video, 2021)
- Shitty First Startups (video, 2015)
- I Almost Sold To Yahoo For $1,000,000 At 22 (video, 2021)
- I Sold My Startup On Ebay For $258,100 (video, 2021)

Justin.tv/Twitch (W07)
- Justin.tv's Justin Kan: The story of a serial entrepreneur (video, 2012)
- The Value of Terrible Ideas (video, 2014)
- Justin Kan's Story (video, 2021)
- Yale Program on Entrepreneurship (video, 2015)
- Justin Kan made $1B from Twitch by Live Streaming his Life (video, 2021)
- How Twitch Reached $1,000,000/Month in Revenue (video, 2021)
- How We Chose The Name Twitch(video, 2021)
- How we ALMOST sold Twitch to Google for $1 BILLION (video, 2021)
- Selling Twitch to Amazon...the real story (video, 2021)
- What Did I Spend My Money On After Selling Twitch and Investing (video, 2021)
- Do I regret selling Twitch? (video, 2021)

Atrium (W18)
- E900 Justin Kan of Justin.tv, Twitch, Atrium: live-stream video pioneer, YC, failures & successes (video, 2019)
- I Messed Up and I'm Sorry (video, 2021)
- Twitch founder who sold for $970 million chats with a guy with $970 in his bank account (video, 2021)

- Justin Kan on why success alone won't truly make you happy (video, 2021)
- Why I Was "Successful" But Unhappy (video, 2021)
- How I Truly Became Happy (video, 2021)
- Airbnb Almost Didn't Exist Without This ONE Email (video, 2021)
- My Secret Productivity Hacks ft My Real Notion Setup (video, 2021)
- How I Overcame Anxiety and Guilt (video, 2021)

- Why You Should or Should Not Work at a Startup (video, 2018)
- Tips on How to Get into the BEST Startup Accelerator in the World - Y Combinator (video, 2021)

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