John Lafleur

- How We Iterated on 10 Ideas in a Month (text, 2020)
- What a Pre-PMF Startup Should Look Like (text, 2020)
- How We Closed Our Pre-Seed Round in 2 Weeks (text, 2020)
- How We Pivoted 3 times In The 1st Month of YC (text, 2020)
- How to Go from Idea to First Clients in 6 Weeks (text, 2020)
- How to Create Awareness with No Time to Create Content (text, 2020)
- Startups, Avoid Being Vitamins At All Costs (text, 2020)
- How to Get Your Engineering Team Involved in Product Efforts (text, 2020)
- What We Learned from Our Soft Launch and Why You Should Consider One (text, 2020)
- How Open-source Can Disrupt Build vs. Buy Considerations (text, 2020)
- How We Chose Our Logo and Mascot (text, 2021)
- How Airbyte Raised Its Series-A Round 2 Months after Its Seed (text, 2021)
- The Deck We Used to Raise Our Seed with Accel in 13 Days (text, 2021)
- How "User Success" Helps Us Become the Most Active Slack Community (text, 2021)
- Airbyte - Series-A deck

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