Ish Baid

- How to Ace the Y Combinator Application (text+application, 2020)
- Being a Founder in the First-Ever YCombinator Remote Batch (text, 2020)
- At the start of a company's life, sales don't come from clever persuasion. They come from building trust. (text, 2020)
- Ep: 197: How this former Ex-Facebook Engineer has build an online learning platform with Ish Baid (audio, 2020)
- Why we're building Virtually - Our Mission Statement (text, 2020)
- My Experience Going Through On Deck Scale (text, 2021)
- My 5-year Journey to Joining Y Combinator (text, 2021)
- Going Through the First Remote Batch of Y Combinator (video, 2021)
- How I got into Y Combinator After 6 Tries (Tips + Tricks) (video, 2021)

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