Hiroki Takeuchi

- Oxford Lecture (video, 2013)
- Talk at Startup School Europe (video, 2014)
- GoCardless CEO: 'I still feel like I'm the same person' (text, 2017)
- "Why I'll never regret giving up my business to care for my husband" (text, 2018)
- GoCardless, Y Combinator, Payments and Life with Hiroki Takeuchi (video, 2018)
- Girls in Tech London: Startup F*ckups (video, 2018)
- GoCardless' Hiroki Takeuchi: "We thought about quitting once a week" (audio, 2019)
- This 32-year-old CEO went from having little awareness of tech to raising $122 million for a pioneering fintech, while also overcoming a life-changing bike crash (text, 2019)
- Startup Grind: Steve O'Hear, TechCrunch with Hiroki Takeuchi (video, 2020)
- How I turned my FIRST Business into a Fintech EMPIRE (video, 2021)
- Mastering Culture and Organization (video, 2021)
- Inside GoCardless: The fintech underdog with nine lives (text, 2021)
- Dating a founder (text, 2021)

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