Danielle Morrill

- Time to Say Goodbye Seattle, Hello San Francisco (text, 2010)
- Timeline: Starting Referly Took Me Three Years (text, 2012)
- Thoughts On YC Interview Prep (text, 2013)
- Zombie Startups (text, 2013)
- Is My Startup Burn Rate Normal? (text, 2014)
- Are you Managing the Signals Your Startup is Sending? (text, 2014)
- Female Founder Stories: Danielle Morrill, Founder of Mattermark (text, 2015)
- For Seed Stage Startups, It's Hire or Die (text, 2015)
-The Creative Destruction of Building and Growing a Career (audio, 2016)
- Danielle Morrill's guide to the galaxy (text, 2016)
- How Mattermark Acquired Early Users (video, 2016)
- Insights From A YC Alum On How To Prepare For The Y Combinator Interview (text, 2017)
- Mattermark YC Application

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