Archit Gupta

- How Delhi-Based Startup ClearTax Made It to Y Combinator (text, 2014)
- Here's why Indian startups must apply to Y Combinator (text, 2015)
- Archit Gupta of ClearTax On Cracking YCombinator (video, 2016)
- How ClearTax's Archit Gupta Found Mentors In Y Combinator And Paytm Founder (text, 2016)
- Y Combinator is like a B-school that helps develop a global peer network, says alumnus Archit Gupta (text, 2016)
- The first India-focused startup in Y Combinator, this dropout's venture files 3 per cent of India's tax today (text, 2016) email
- From 1K Customers In First 11 Days To 1 Mn Today: ClearTax's Journey Post The YCombinator Stamp Of Approval (text, 2016)

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